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About Us: A Bottle-Cap-Sized Autobiography

John W. Perry (b. 1943), a gray-bearded barfly who has been drinking beer for over half a century, is a semiretired freelance writer and researcher who lives in Hawai'i. In his younger years, he wrote numerous magazine articles on a diversity of subjects, from European flower history to fantasy travel destinations, from contemporary travel in Micronesia, French Polynesia, Australia, and New Zealand to Malaysian, Micronesian, and Hawaiian history. Before moving to Honolulu in 1977, he lived in Washington, D.C., dividing his time between educational socialization in the bars on Capitol Hill and reading books, including books about beer, in the Library of Congress, one of the world's great libraries. Recent beer books read in Honolulu: The Great Beers of Belgium, Real Beer and Good Eats, and The Beer Drinker's Bible.

Printed in Saint Petersburg in the early 20th century, this stylized artwork by the artist Alexander Durnovo (lifetime unknown) decorates a 1909 Russian advertising poster promoting an international beer-industry exhibition.

Perry is not a descendent of a brewery dynasty or a distant relative of a beer-drinking queen or king, but, regarding brew and royalty, he does believe what the English playwright William Shakespeare said centuries ago: A quart of ale is a dish for a king. He has also created his own beer quote, yet to be incorporated into the prestigious Oxford Dictionary of Quotations or other famous quotation compilations: I get all my religion from a bartender's correctly poured glass of draught Guinness.

The people who helped to launch this beer-trivia website into cyberspace are scattered across the United States. Oregon-based SPX Media ( produces the website. Founded in 2012, SPX Media is a small niche publisher of books and websites. World Beer Trivia is the company's first beer-related adventure. SPX Media is aided by the talented assistance of Baltimore-based website developer Will Fastie of Fastie Systems ( The website's distinctive look is the creation of New Hampshire-based designer Rebecca Gallant of Gallantry Web Design (

Beer Market Heading

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